Pandara is dedicated to meeting the needs of international business in all sector.

Superior Product

Our goal is to satisfy the evolving needs of our customers by providing integrated service and superior products to them. In addition to superior-quality products in every category, Pandara offers you complete services including Sea and Air Freight Arrangements, International Sourcing and Trade Document Services for both Import and Export Distribution.


In this modern era, using electronic products have become a crucial part in our daily life. We understand that and hence, we always bringing you the latest technology to make your life more comfortable.

Consumer Goods

For most people, buying consumer goods is a daily routine as they are looking for products that meet their needs. Our goal is to satisfy the needs of the market by providing superior products to them.


Accessibility is an important factor in increasing productivity and value. Thus, we are bringing the most concrete bridge to make that happened.


From the needs to cultivate the soil to harvesting the crops, we can bring you the most advanced tools to do it.

Beauty Products

Looks have to be perfect. This thought pushed the fashion industry to always innovate and develop products. Because of that, this industry always expands and never stop producing eye-catching products.


While the world is always innovating new products, some classic products are still effective. Kids always looking for toys and parents want the best for them. Here, we are not just delivering toys, we are delivering happiness.

Aircraft Product

Not just limited to plastic cups, we can bring all the needed products for flight serving passengers high in the sky. From plates to embossed cutleries, passenger will have more enjoyable flight experience.